Galante Baby - Handmade luxurious 100% Pima Cotton Clothes and Blankets for New Born Girls and Boys

Galante Baby hand-made 100% Pima Cotton baby clothing!

Thanks for the love!

These are very traditional touches, which in my opinion make the clothes more timeless and classic. They are truly keepsake quality pieces that I would be proud to give as a gift.
The blanket/quilt, receiving blanket and outfit are all gorgeous. The ribbon tie was very charming and very ‘family like’. The fabric is absolutely wonderful and really beautifully made. The texture of the cloth is like a perfect silk with body to it. The softness of the fabric is also very soothing for our grandson. A wonderful find we are so happy to have found Galante.
— Martha J.
I love the look of the outfits,the fancy work is so pretty.
— kathy downey

These are so beautiful, I can’t believe they are handmade...they are excellent quality.
— Anna W

These clothes look like they are super high quality! Thanks for the introduction to this company!
— Anne Taylor

I love anything handmade. So beautiful.
— Stephanie LaPlante

I can remember years ago my Mother doing fancy works like this on the girls dresses.
— kathy downey

I like high quality clothes and these pieces are just beautiful.
— Elva Roberts