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Handmade Baby Clothes and Blankets since 1930

The Galante Studio was founded in 1930 by an Italian immigrant named Michael Galante and his wife Amanda.  Michael and Amanda started out producing women’s clothing in their house in Hardinsburg, Kentucky, the house would become known as “Galante’s Studio”. Numerous local women would come by Galante’s Studio to help out in the sewing and production of garments.  Eventually, Galante’s Studio would become known as Galante Studio, and would branch out to produce more than just women’s garments.  In 1949 Harold Chism and his wife Jean acquired Galante Studio looking to continue, as well as expand the Galante Studio’s product line and reach. 

The Chisms set out to create luxury custom-made travel and baby gift items.   In 1950, to broaden the marketing reach, Galante Studio entered into an agreement with Gloria Shavel Inc. to serve as it’s exclusive manufacturers representative. In addition, Gloria Shavel Inc. provided product design and development enabling Galante Studio to broaden its product mix.  Upon the passing of the Chisms, The Galante Studio continued to be run and managed by the company’s senior personnel  one of whom was Gloria Shavel.  Tragedy struck the Galante Studio in January of 2009 when a fire destroyed the historic factory in Hardinsburg, Kentucky. 

Wishing to continue on the tradition of The Galante Studio, Douglas Shavel, son of Gloria, acquired the assets of Galante Studio. After several years of getting back on track Mr. Shavel and his family are pleased to continue the great tradition of providing high quality custom made baby and adult products under its two banners Galante Baby and Galante Studio.   Today the Galante Studio is the same family run business it was over 80 years ago! 

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I love the look of the outfits,the fancy work is so pretty.


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